eTupperware Spring Summer Catalogue 2011

Welcome to the Tupperware Spring Summer Catalogue for 2012

Tupperware is designed to last a lifetime. These products will keep contents fresh without the need for plastic wrap, helping create a sustainable environment for future generations.

And with Christmas around the corner, what better present to give someone than an item they can use every day so they’ll think of you every time they use that gift.

Monthly Specials

Welcome to our Monthly Specials for

Every month there is a preview here with great specials that you can only buy for that month. Also on offer are FREE thank you gifts and host gift specials when you book your TUPPERWARE PARTY! Parties that you book are free at NO COST to you

Monthly specials are all about seeing what’s new and different as well as welcoming back some of the favorites like a blast from the past. My favorite is always the onion or tomato saver. What’s yours?

Special Offers

This week's Special Offers

Find out what Super Special Offer you can get with the Tupperware range today. These change all the time so bookmark this page.

This  week is record breaker week so find out what’s on offer here.

Those of you who don’t know what record breaker week is, it’s is where demonstrators are given a challenge from Tupperware Managers to sell as much Tupperware in one week. The demonstrators offer lots of host bonuses and also mystery packs.  See what tickles your fancy in the latest Spring/Summer Tupperware Catalogue or even the Monthly Specials booklet, or you can have a party, (even a catalogue party). Just contact us for more details.

Record Breaker week is 24th – 30th November.

eTupperware Party Plan

Party Plan

Welcome to eTupperware Party Plan.

Celebrate the gorgeous weather with good food and good friends by hosting your very own Tupperware party. As a Host you can sit back, relax and enjoy your party! Your Tupperware demonstrator will provide you with everything you need to make your party a success and you will also be rewarded with fabulous gifts as our thank you.

Based on your party sales, you may receive a $35 Voucher to spend on the Tupperware of your choice. Alternatively, you may choose a generous Thank You Gift* featured in the Tupperware “This Month” brochure.

In addition to your Thank You Gift you may also qualify for a Host Gift Special such as our Open House Entertainers Package or you may select from the other generous Host Gift Specials featured in the “This Month” brochure.

As your sales and party datings increase, so do your rewards.

*Contact us for full details and qualifications.

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